James Windows Security

James Windows Security

Your property is constantly under threat from burglary, so much so that in recent years a range of different security products have been made available to home owners. Many modern security devices are “DIY” rather than being factory fitted.


All James Windows locking mechanisms offer exceptional levels of protection against forced entry. Designed and manufactured by professionals and installed into your home by professionals.

 James Windows Security

4 Locking Points

James Windows locks are a very reliable method of securing your home. It locks each window at four points on the opening side, effectively “zipping” it shut. When used with high quality hinges each window is locked at six different places – resisting all but the most determined thief.


James Windows SecurityLocking Mechanism

When you close a window or door fitted by James Windows you shut out unwanted visitors, seal your home against the weather and give yourself peace of mind. The locking operation could not be simpler and yet the result could hardly be more secure. By one turn of the handle your windows are locked by:

  q       Two die-cast claws

  q       Two high strength steel rods at the top and bottom        


Flush Fitting

When the window or door is open James Windows locking mechanisms is neat and flush without any protruding parts that may injure children or snag on clothing. Should you happen to leave your windows open in poor weather, our locking mechanisms have been tested for up to 500 hours of intense salt-based corrosion, exceeding the requirements of BS7412.